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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Much Ado About Nothing Succession From What?

I'm impressed by how many people want their State to succeed from the Union. My point would be why succeed from the Union when the Union has been over run? You are running in the wrong direction. You don't want your State to succeed you really want the Federal Government over run. Face it. To solve the problems facing the Faux States of America, we need to dissolve it. Then we need to re instate the Constitution, rework some of the amendments. throw out the people who are in there and hold real elections with real people. Calling all families, if you want your country back, you have to pick up your pitchfork and head for Washington DC. We will bring back the real USA and evict all liberals, progressives, and welfare brats to some foreign country where they are ok with lazy, good for nothings who refuse to wipe their own backsides.
This is our country but subversives have been working a long time to take over. they were smart, they worked from the bottom up. We have lots of work to do beginning with.
Hot War to overthrow the subversives that have infiltrated our Government.
Evict all teachers from the USA
Evict all lawyers fromt the USA (exception for True Constitutional Lawyers, Newt Gingrich will be responsible for determining the list of Lawyers that must leave.
Evict all Judges from the USA, beginning with the Supreme Court
Evect all Professors from the Colleges beginning with the Ivy League Schools.
Government Primary, Secondary, and College Schools will be made illegal
All children of school age will be taught by the parent. if parent is not capable the child will be provided with the internet for coursework.
Make divorce illeagal or very hard to get.
Only 1 parent is allowed to work outside the home.
Primary and Secondary Schools will be controlled by the PTA.
All citizens will be required to attend Sunday Services at the Religion of their choice.
It will be illegal to work on the 7th day of the week, everyone will take at least 1 day a week to rest.
All education is available to every citizen.
Your are not allowed to hold a full time job untill you have finished Further education opportunities.
All teachers will be compensated according to their students test scores.
More to come.
Face it, we need to change America and bring back the Constitution. This is some of my vision. More will come.

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