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Monday, July 29, 2013

Brand Dixie, Make it Happen!

It's so disappointing to watch Rand Paul who built his political position on the back of Dixie, turn on the very people that got him where he is. I for one don't care what the political establishment thinks because they are all assholes. How many times have I heard the words "the south lost the war so shut the f**k up" just like that. What's more disappointing to me is the South continues to wallow in the pitiful sauce of the loss. The South needs to:
 A. Find their real friends
B. Consolidate their political position
C. Extricate those who disagree
D. Rebuild their Economic Engine
E. Cut off economic ties with the dying North
F. Rebuild the Dixie Brand!
I know that sounds hard but if the South will ever return to its former greatness, a deep incision must be placed between those who love her to those who would keep their Jackboot pressed firmly on her Jugular!
The current economic position that the fascist Obama has put the North in makes them very vulnerable to economic isolation. The South needs to pull together and boycott anyone who would damage the name of Dixie.
Believe me, if the people of the South quit buying Yankee products, reopened the clothing mills, continued to lure strong business interests to the South. No One in Dixie would ever be labeled as second class again.
God would bless the South and she would rise again to beyond her former glory.
It takes guts, we need leaders, find them and boldly step into the path of freedom!
I'm not talking about a hot war, I'm talking about economic centralization. It's time for Dixie to put her money where her heart is. We need the same honor and loyalty to Dixie as we saw in the old days, when people donated their money, their property, and yes their children to the fight against the oppressive North. Only this time we will use our collective economic might. The South has no trouble collecting business from the North, the costs are less and the people industrious. But every man, woman and child must know the "Made In Dixie" Brand and buy from the people who would protect that Brand. In the end, WalMart has to go.
It's time, the time has come. Obama has swung the door wide open, all we have to do is walk through.
What to do first!
A. Find the business's who are willing to put the "Made In Dixie" Brand on their products
B. Make is socially unacceptable to use any product without that label.
C. Business's benefiting from the economic resurgence agrees to re-invest in Dixie
D. Choose Leaders who will donate time to help organize and expedite the Dixie Brand
E. Elect Politicians who will put Dixie first on their Sacred Honor!
Finally, you all know what to do, remember the South! remember your Honor, remember your love of freedom! We can do this! What we couldn't do when the North attacked the South, we can now do economically! Deprived the North of Southern gold! Boycott Northern and Off Shore Products!
You will be surprised how fast this can happen.
To those who would tell us we are racist and wrong, gracefully invite them to get their heart in Dixie or get their ASS out.
Go to Free North Carolina, there is a tab on the right, to continue this discussion.
Let's choose our leaders and get a plan in place. The time is now!
Fly Dixie With Pride!


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