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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Do Things Just Explode?

Maybe it's my imagination but there seems to be a LOT of explosions lately. A Boeing 777 being the latest casualty of the trend. In just the last 6 months, things are exploding like it is the Fourth of July when we used to celebrate the quaint old holiday. I believe there are hornets in the pillowcase and we are being stung repeatedly without us being told exactly what's going on. Lets review just a few of the more recent explosions and try to reconcile their causes.
Boeing 777 Explodes, people report hearing a loud explosion just before the crash

Possible causes:
Pilot error, he left a lithium battery in the tail which went off unexpectedly
Boeing left an oxygen tank in the tail which went off unexpectedly
al Qaeda used one of the surface to air missiles we gave them to fight Syria with on us
or someone sitting close to the back had bad gas from the lousy plane fare.
you choose
Train Explodes In Quebec

Flames High In Lac-M├ęgantic
Possible Causes
Crude oil just explodes at will
Cigarette thrown from pedestrian car while waiting for train to pass
al Queda used IED on the tracks which caused the explosion
Errant lightening strike just at the right moment.
Fertilizer Plant explodes Waco,  Texas
Indiana Fertilizer Plant Explodes

Oil Refinery Blast in Mexico
People should be on the lookout at all major chemical plants and oil refinerys. I believe al Queda is sabotaging American Industry and IED
The government won't do anything because they agree with this action against America.
Look at Egypt!! The people there are not putting up with crappy Obama approved government any more.
SHOULD WE???????
When you spot strange goings on in your neighborhood, Call you local Sherriff! the local police are bought and paid for with stimulus money.
When you see something Call the Sherriff!
Will you bury a cache for the III?

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