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Saturday, July 13, 2013

I Get the Most Uncanny Feeling That We Won't Get Off This Island Alive

As the talons of Tyranny squeeze tighter around the throat of liberty, I just can't shake the feeling that Obama and his wrecking crew will not let us out of this alive. I consider the Zimmerman affair, I am certain that no matter what the jury decides, Zimmerman will be another victim of this administration. Holder is already sharpening his fangs in preparedness of the blood he is about to spill. I know that this blog will catch up to me eventually. I seems America is too lazy to respond to the threat of the creeping invasion of the body snatchers taking place all around us. cops are out of control, everywhere you look America is more and more becoming the police state we all say we don't want, but no body says anything, not one person raises a voice, and if a voice is raised they are silenced, like Breitbart, murdered I tell you. He was about to release details about the Obama administration that were at the very least embarrassing to the administration, he paid with his life.
So many people I talk to know what is happening, they will admit it when they are drunk, but they go on while the creeping tyranny advance from Washington DC to the local police to your bedroom.
And we go to work, and prices get even higher, gasoline, groceries, electricity, natural gas. it's all part of the stranglehold. Already people can't find work and can't pay their bills, but no one will march on the Washington parasites who squeeze ever tighter every time you exhale, making it impossible to expand our lungs for another breath, so what the government can't do with their military, they will do with the economy....tightening....tightening...squeezing...days ....months... years....until it is finally impossible to pull another breath.
So what will it be for us? the land of the free the home of the brave? have we become so lazy with our freedom? and while there are those who would just fly away, the other countries you might flee to are not necessarily open to the idea of you coming to their country. and most of us don't have the kind of cash it takes to bribe enough officials to get the job done. so you have it, the ultimate "showdown at the OK corral" neither side willing to pull the trigger but with one side holding all the cards.
and the Boa Constrictor of tyranny squeezes ever tighter, until you can't take your final breath.
Better to be one the III than it is to wait for the T Rex to eat you!

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