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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Obamacare and The Politicians, They Can Wish In One Hand And Shit In the Other

Just like gun control the politicians who are no longer interested in what the people want are haggling over who gets all that money Obamacare will bring in. The Cities say they want it to keep from going bankrupt, the states want it to help defray the cost of Medicaid and Medicare (our governments first efforts at total control) and of course the feds want the money because they simply love to spend money, lots of money! But while they are haggling, the people are saying screw you. No one will pay the bill, lots of people, I predict in the millions will quit their jobs because it's just stupid to work for no pay. I won't pay it, the IRS better get down my home address because I am not going to pay. Throw me in jail, I'll probably have better health care in prison than on the streets. So they are going to have to come after me. I'm sick of this shit, they will not have more of my money. If they take it, I will quit earning it. I will go on welfare like everyone else. I don't know why they need the money anyway, they are printing trillions out of thin air, why don't they just print what they say I owe them and leave me and my money alone? God knows they can print it faster than I can earn it. I doesn't matter anyway, I will not submit to our governments Affordable Health care Act. that's a joke by its self. Well I've had a pretty good life and Obama is making sure I have nothing to lose, and that's not a good place to put me, with nothing left to lose, I'm not sure what can happen. I'm sure the government won't like the Zombies they are making. who will bake the bread when the little red hen says "Fuck You Bake the Bread Yourself Assholes!? that's what happens when you remove the incentive to work, nobody does anything. then people go hungry, Hey ask the Cubans! "They Pretend to Pay us and we Pretend to work." Imagine the millions who worked for just the health care benefit, their entire reason for working just vanished. Hell the government will give them something and they don't have to pay. We will see how that works out for them when everyone says let someone else do it. And the world sat back and laughed because the once great America was brought to it's knees by a 98 lb scrawny black man from Kenya. destruction of Biblical proportions are being rained down on the USA by this big eared Kenyan.
As happens in nature sometimes, the parasites are killing the host

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