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Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Lynching

Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson Want Black America to hit the streets and burn America to the Ground because of this.
Hundreds are just that stupid, Thousands are not.
I believe that Barach Hussein Obama is actually helping the cause for race relations in America. You probably think that's a stupid comment. But look at this objectively. Only hundreds, not thousands of Blacks are attending the race baiters 100 city rally for the treyvon martin "murder", and very few less are causing damage and attacking people.
I went to a neighborhood watch fund raiser in my neighborhood this weekend, our neighborhood is about 50% black and 50 % white. And you know, all were well represented at the fundraiser and everyone had a good time. We have had a spat of robberies alone with a crack house in the neighborhood and we are fighting, together side by side. Because everyone just wants to have a home and a job and a safe place to live. Together we achieve that goal.
but if we listen to the race baiters we would never get together because we wouldn't trust each other. and that would be a tragedy because our life is fuller when we all get together.
Don't let the race baiters win, they don't care about you, they need a reason to put Obama's military on the streets so he can take total control....of all races!!!!
you know the truth, act on it. start neighborhood watch in your neighborhood and meet your neighbors and fight against this current darkness.
We can win! It's a long, hard struggle ahead, but we can win......

Will you be on of the III?

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