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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Police State Faking Out Motorists with Non Constitutional Road Blocks


really think they are cool, the cops, a little razzle dazzle! slight of hand! Magic! this is the kind of stuff that makes citizens pissed.... you know, traffic cameras, speed traps road blocks, all to please Mom against drunk drivers. will look ma! no hands. now the cops are out of control and in your pants. but you are OK with it, hell you voted for Obama cuz you think he's sexy when he hands out abortion pills to 12 year old girls without parental permission. besides those parents are probably Catholic and would make the kid have the baby of the illegitimate father anyone those imbeciles!
well let me tell you this, the kick back won't be cool. the government thinks they can do anything they want to us and we will just bend over and take it....what if we don't? what if we quit just taking it? what if we start kicking back? what if white people start rioting about the black people rioting? what happens then? will holder get all in our face and indignant? hell it's racist to get pissed when black people riot!!! (wow this blog is turning into a rant) I know I'm sick of it. what really scares me is to wonder what will happen if people like me start to really go off. that won't be pretty. tired of working my ass off just to have all the money I make redistributed to a bunch of lazy assholes who won't get up to wipe their ass. then they have the balls to picket cuz the gov wont give them more of my money..... this won't go on much longer.'

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