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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Is The Politics Of Race Finally Falling To the Politics Of The Pocket Book?

A Man Without A Job Is Lost
All anyone wants is a job so they can raise their family with dignity. The current administration is pissing on our backs and telling us it's raining. More bad news come as obamacare creeps closer and closer to our bank accounts. This is why Al Sharpton Jesse Jackson and yes Barach Hussein Obama is not having any luck getting people on the streets, Blacks have lost hope that even with 20 kinds of well fare they can't be happy. Barach set this up so people would hit the streets on command, but the thousands upon thousands he hoped for are staying home in droves, that's because even they understand that the government is almost broke and can not sustain the payments forever. And while they have it good right now, Barach is paying them with one hand, printing bogus money with the other, and destroying any future they might have a ever achieving the American dream with the other...1, 2, .....3 hands? (he has lots of help from the media) while you can have all the food you want on welfare, and live in a house you don't pay rent for, and eat at finer restaurants, you know you can never own a home of your own, have a nice car, or take excursions to Africa. Only a good paying job gets you those things and only as a result of hard work. The rewards are great but Obama only wants the rewards for himself. You don't really believe Obama is spending all that money on you and your welfare do you? Who do you think pays for the Obama's globetrotting? Who do you think pays for Michelle's 125 personal aides at $115,000.00 a clip? Who pays for all those steak and lobster dinners? who pays for all those nice clothes? Shouldn't the Obama's  take a share of their piece of the pie and give to those who are in need?
In the end, this isn't about race, this is about a man who overstepped his power, and millions of Americans are suffering for it, and Millions of others more will suffer if he isn't stopped.

you have the power, hit the streets for a job, the press won't cover it, but you will get your point across.

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