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Friday, July 19, 2013

Where is All the Black Violence and Outrage We Were Promised?

I don't believe Obama got the result he was looking for, the blacks didn't go rolling out to the streets like the government wanted. this would have been the ploy used to deploy Marshall Law. But the blacks didn't roll out in mass as directed from the white house. Why should they? it's hot outside and they have air conditioning, they can eat at the best restaurants, put gas in their late model car, buy grocery carts of food and beverages. They don't have to work, they go where they want when they want and have anything they want. They are satiated and don't feel like going down town and throwing bricks through windows and sticking their ass out. after all, some of the whites have guns, and maybe they don't feel like being cannonball fodder so Obama can have his excuse for full militarization of the USA. In a word, the blacks are fat and sassy and don't need to hit the streets when it won't put more money in their pockets. It's gonna take more than trayvon to pull them into a riot. plan backfired boys, you gave them so much they have nothing left that they are willing to hit the streets for. Better luck next time. Back to the drawing board to figure out a way to whip up another riot threat... here's a thought maybe you can get the illegals to riot for you, hey, hope springs eternal.
I thought the blacks were supposed to riot on demand? Am I missing something?

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