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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Town Puts Bounty On Drones, Shoot em Down Folks!


Now this is what I'm talking about, RESIST!
IF they catch me they can fine me, but I won't pay it no matter what. This government thinks money is the answer to buying everyone's loyalty. But I'm loyal to my Lord and my God and to the country I was born in. Fine me....that's laughable. only those in the government think this way. There are things more important than money. Like Patriotism, Love of Country, Love of Family, Love of God, Loyalty, Honor. All these words mean nothing to the government, we used to call these traits Character, a word you never hear anymore. I have Character, I know others who have character, and to those, their life is rich beyond measure and that's what the government can't stand, because they can't control a man with character because the only tool the government has in their toolshed, is the money they print so incessantly, then scramble for ways to get you to touch is, so it obtains value. Hell they even give it away just to get someone to touch the money. See you have the Midas Touch, simple paper turns to GOLD after you put it in your pocket. Ann Barnhardt has a seminar on money you should watch, to those that have ears to ear, it's very enlightening. I have the seminar in the history of this blog if you want to look for it.
Remember, money is a tool, similar to the shovel, any time you use the tool you are digging a hole, and if you are not careful, you will fall into that hole. Best to leave money and the shovel in the toolshed as their use in the wrong hands is dangerous.

Where do you stand? Do you have Character? or is money your God? It's important to know that money is useless till you touch it, then it has value. that's why this government takes it AFTER you touch it in the form of tax, because until you touch it, it is just toilet paper dressed up for a nice night out.
So shoot em down, if we all do they will get the message.....
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