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Monday, July 29, 2013

US Military Becomes the Muslim Brotherhood's Hit Man

Libia, Syria, Now Egypt All Muslim Brotherhood with US military support. Is anyone seeing a trend here?
Muslim Brotherhood demands the U.S and NATO to invade Egypt and destroy its army

Cairo, Egypt-In the weirdest statement yet announced by a person belonging to any country in the world,  a Muslim Brotherhood leader called Mohammed El-Beltagy, asked the United States, the European Union and NATO to send their armies to Egypt to fight against the Egyptian army and destroy it, under the pretext that the army wants to destroy the Muslim Brotherhood and scatter them.
The statement was made after the rally of about 40 million Egyptians, who went out on to the streets in the biggest show of support the world had ever known. The people voted with their bodies and feet, in order to support Defense Minister and Deputy Prime Minister for National Security Abdel Fattah Saeed al-Sisi.
This abnormal statement from one of the leaders of the Brotherhood,  considered as an official spokesman indicates many things, including that the Brotherhood does not care about anything but power, position and the presidency, even if the price to get them is the destruction of their country and the elimination of its army, which is the most powerful army in the Middle East and the tenth most powerful army in the world.  The Muslim Brotherhood does not care if thousands of Egyptians die in order to achieve and maintain power and implementation of the agenda of global caliphate, which is their biggest dream.

The statement is also consistent with a number of other statements and previous threats issued by the leaders of the Brotherhood, who claim that Egypt will become like Syria if Egyptians do not accept the return of Mohamed Morsi, the former President. The Brotherhood is stockpiling weapons smuggled in large quantities from Libya and the Gaza Strip. Increasing numbers of armed militias of the Brotherhood’s supporters are showing up in the Sinai Peninsula.
Bravado notwithstanding, the Muslim Brotherhood must have felt a sense of dread since July 26th, when they saw huge protests fill the streets all over Egypt.
This dread felt by the Brotherhood also indicates that they know they are the biggest threat to Egyptian national security and civil peace. The Brotherhood also knows it has lost many of its supporters especially after the violence carried out by them, and with the spread of information and videos that show that the brotherhood is killing its own members and supporters in order to falsely portray to the world that the army and police are carrying out the killings, so that they can then ask for intervention of foreign powers and the United Nations.
The Muslim Brotherhood uses the media in the promotion of their lies, funded by millions of dollars and led by Al-Jazeera—the first supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood in the region, under the auspices of the Emir of Qatar and the god father of the Muslim Brotherhood Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the Egyptian Qatari nationality and partner in Taqwa Bank located in the Bahamas, which is funding a large number of terrorist organizations around the world, including al-Qaeda and Hamas, the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood.
The Brotherhood stole two big broadcasting cars belonging to the government and used them for round-the-clock live broadcasts at the demonstration in Rabaa- Adawiya square.
The Brotherhood is also trying to reach a deal to release former President Morsi and come out unscathed after ensuring for themselves the largest possible gains, whether political or financial.
Experts say that their demands and objectives are impossible to achieve, even if the Egyptian authorities accept negotiating with them because the Egyptian people will not accept such deals to give amnesty to leaders of the Brotherhood.
Experts believe that the group now has no choice but to continue with the violent protests, which is also not acceptable to authorities nor to the Egyptian people.  The violence and killing are affecting the economy and causing the loss of investments and tourism, stopping production and restricting travel.
The Brotherhood is now resorting to international intervention to try to mediate between the Brotherhood and the Egyptian authorities, calling on the Commissioner of EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton, who came to Egypt for a two-day visit. 
Sources say that she asked to meet with deposed President Morsi in his cell to ensure his physical safety.  The move toward international intervention coincides with the recent statements of U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, along with some threats issued by U.S. Congress to cut off military aid to Egypt. The response of average Egyptians was laced with sarcasm, ridicule and strong criticism of the current U.S. administration they define as the Muslim Brotherhood of America.
Mainstreet Egyptians know that Americans need Egypt more than Egypt needs America.
They are saying that if America wants to stop military aid, stop it now, not tomorrow because it is well known that America is the biggest winner in its relationship with Egypt, the largest country in the Middle East and the first guarantor to the security of Israel.

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