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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Can You Be One of the III?

Outgunned and Outnumbered you are going to be asked to help protect your home. Your adversary will be the full strength of the US Military and factions of the Russian Military already on US soil at the request of Obama's alleged "homeland" security. You will have to provided your own training, you will have to provide your own uniforms, guns, ammunition, food and water. You will be working pretty much on your own. Most people won't care and the propaganda campaign will be aimed directly at you. It's not for the weak, it's not for everyone. But a select few will be called upon to defend the Constitution of the United States of America. 3 per cent just to put a number on it. 3 percent to fight for the 97 per cent. You will not have the advantage, and the fight will go on for years. But you will have God and a righteous cause to lean on. Hungry and cold, you will be the hero this nation needs to once again regain the title of the Bright Beacon on the Hill. Most people don't think this will happen. Most are happy to haul their kids to soccer practice while the government continues to eat away at our most basic rights that was guaranteed by our tattered Constitution. Now you have to pay the government to live here. Taxes on property is rent to the government, you no longer own anything, and now the Government will start whittling away at your paycheck until you have nothing left to give. And so the "3pers" will be called on to take back what we have given away. only God in heaven knows what this will mean, to you and to me.
But someday soon, someone might knock on your door. He will be tired, with tattered clothes a rifle and smell like black powder. He might be injured, which may look like a bullet wound. his body will be worn and his eyes will reveal the steel he is made of. He will need a place to hide, food and water and maybe ammunition if you have some. He will look like the hell he has been through and will be our only hope. When he comes, don't close your door to him, offer him clothing and shelter, and place to hide. a place to heal his wounds and get ready to take on the fascist government again. He will be our only hope of ever living under a Constitutional Government again. It's the least we can do. It's coming.....I which not but it's beyond hope now, and some of us will fight. And some of us will give aid and comfort to those who would keep us free.
In every great conflict, WW1 WW2 God rose up a mighty army to destroy those who would put others in chains. In the coming conflict, it will be the III. They are empowered by God and no man can stand against the Creator of the World.
They will fight the good fight and will crush this enemy who has taken our country by stealth and intrigue!
Want to be III? Are you strong enough? Can you Fight, just to come back and fight again! Search for the III on the Internet. For now, you can still find them and they will teach you all you need to know to become III.

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